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Professional Practice Council Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of Every Month. 1-3pm 

Unit Based Council Chairs:

  • ARU: Shalene Cruz
  • ED: Rosana Rico
  • ICU: Marjorie Balleras
  • MSU: Amber Oliveira
  • MHU: Claudia Gonzalez
  • Maternal: Lisa Frizzell
  • Newborn: Stefanie Snell
  • NICU: Carolyn Fisher
  • Peds: Michelle Alvarez
  • OR: Debbie Holland
  • OPSS: Karlie Santos
  • IR: Heather Fuller

Education/Quality/Research Council (aka Quality Council) Meetings:  3rd Wednesday of Every Month. 10-12noon

  • ARU: Adolfo Calanoc
  • ED: Watetu Muchemi
  • ICU: Elena Jin
  • MSU: Kate Amuzie
  • MHU: Aggy Diezmo
  • LDU: Jen Niduaza
  • MIU: Tina Han
  • NICU: Norma Fleming
  • Peds: Carrie Evanger
  • OR: Juanita Hernandez
  • OPSS: Griselda Cobos
  • Nursing Ed: Tom McKay
  • MCRNA Rep: Rosa Gutierrez , MBA, MSN, PHN, RN

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Hawkins, President
  • Sara Godoy de Cervantes, Vice President
  • Rosa Gutierrez, MBA, MSN, PHN, RN Hospital Nurse Auditor
  • Carole Swain, Secretary

Staffing Effectiveness Committee Members

  • Cheryl Hawkins,  MCRNA President
  • Rosa Gutierrez, MBA, MSN, PHN, RN MCRNA Hospital Nurse Auditor
  • Audelia Galindo, Labor and Delivery Representative
  • Maria Finely,  Mother Infant Unit Representative
  • Stefanie Leyva,  Emergency Department
  • Denise Evelsizor, Mental Health Unit
  • Shalene Cruz,  Acute Rehab Unit
  • Georgia Sapiens,  NICU
  • Marcelle Spencer Headspeath,  Surgical Services
  • Jose Ortega, Medical Surgical Unit
  • Currently open,  ICU

Negotiation Committee for Contract Beginning February 1, 2017

  • Cheryl Hawkins, MCRNA President
  • Rosa Guiterrez, MBA, MSN, PHN, RN MCRNA Hospital Nurse Auditor
  • Darlene Ballesteros, NICU 
  • Jose Ortega and alternate Richard De La Rosa, Medical Surgical Unit
  • Marcel Spencer Headspeath, Surgical Services
  • Ulysess Serafica and alternate Betsy Intravia,  ICU
  • Denise Evelsizer, Mental Health Unit, ARU
  • Angie Gladstone and alternates Chael Rubalcava or Stephany Ponce,  Public Health Department
  • Stefanie Leyva, Emergency Department



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