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Memorandum – New Legal Representation January 27, 2020 Agenda Unit S MOU 2/1/17 By-laws - Current Ratios and Patient Care Issues Form

The Monterey County Registered Nurses Association (MCRNA) is the professional association for registered nurses employed by Monterey County. It was established in 2009. Members are from all practice roles and settings. Read More

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The 2018 Fall Member Celebration will be Saturday October 20, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency, Monterey


The Monterey County Registered Nurses Association (MCRNA) was formed in April of 2009....

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MCRNA Community

Find out about Registered Nurses working for Monterey County and their contributions to our community...

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MCRNA is a closed association shop. All RN's of Monterey County are members of and represented by MCRNA...

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Our Mission

The association is committed to achieving the highest standards of professional nursing and quality patient care.

Purpose & Objectives

  1. To negotiate labor contracts between MCRNA members and the County of Monterey, and to ensure adherence to contract issues.
  2. To provide legal representation in any labor related issues between members and the County of Monterey.
  3. To be involved with the Natividad Medical Center and the Monterey County Health Department in making decisions regarding patient care, professional standards, and scope of practice.
  4. To encourage each registered nurse to pursue the highest ideals of nursing practice.

2018 Meeting Schedule

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