President’s Message

Welcome MCRNA Members,

Well, our association has come a long way since August 2007. It was then that a few nurses got together to discuss forming our own organization so registered nurses could represent themselves. After 18 months of grassroots organizing, the Monterey County Registered Nurses Association became a reality in May of this year.

We still have much work ahead of us and the more that our members are involved, the better our success will be. Meetings have been taking place about every 3 to 4 weeks with Board Members and other interested nurses attending. Communication has been implemented by e-mails, mass mailings and word of mouth. Having a website will make communicating with our members easier, quicker and hopefully more effective. So please explore our site and feel free to offer any suggestions in our comment section. Please get in the habit of checking our website on a regular basis. This is how you can find out information on member and committee meetings, county government and administrative decisions that will impact our jobs, calendar of events, negotiation planning and representation issues. Many of you still have not sent us your home e-mail address. Please do so as soon as possible as this is the main way we hope to contact you in the future.

Speaking of representation, our association takes this matter very seriously. We want all our members to know that if a situation occurs with an individual registered nurse and management, not only may the nurse contact our legal counsel, Mr. Larry Katz, but that RN should notify him before any disciplinary or counseling meeting. This is your legal right and you can't be forced into a meeting without representation. Several nurses have already contacted Mr. Katz regarding labor / management issues. He has returned their calls the same or the next day and helped resolve their problems satisfactorily. So please, if you need any labor legal counsel, ask for it and contact Larry Katz. Don't think that you won't receive help.  This is the Monterey County Registered Nurses Association. We do things very differently than the previous union. We answer your calls and we try as best as we can to get things done.

On April 7th and 8th we will have a Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) meeting in Oakland where MCRNA, Monterey County and SEIU will meet. When MCRNA presented our petitions to the County to withdraw from SEIU and for MCRNA to be self representing SEIU did not send a challenge letter during the appropriate window of opportunity. Due to this major failure on SEIU's part, they have resorted to suing Monterey County and MCRNA through the Public Employees Relations Board. Obviously we will keep you posted but in the meantime do not believe anything that SEIU sends to you or posts on your units. The Monterey County Registered Nurses Association is the sole bargaining unit for full time and part time non-supervisory registered nurses employed by Monterey County.

Please get involved with YOUR Association. Everyone can contribute some time, effort and talent to our nurses group. The negotiation's committee is presently working on our next contract and could use your input.

The MCRNA looks forward to working with each and every registered nurse for a better future for ourselves and for those we serve.


Sincerely yours,

Joni Hentges


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