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Your MCRNA Membership

You will be part of a team that advances the nursing profession and fights for the health care of our county.

No matter what your practice area, role, or interest– MCRNA has a place for you.

As a member of MCRNA, you are part of a body of nurses around the county in speaking with one strong voice
on behalf of your profession and health care. Together we can make a difference!  

As a full MCRNA member - you are a full voting member in the Monterey County Registered Nurses’ Association.

MCRNA is a closed association shop.

All RN's of Monterey County are members of and represented by MCRNA.

It is important to register with MCRNA web site to receive the latest news, vote on contract negotiations, to provide feedback to your representatives, or to contact us for help with labor issues. Instructions will be provided for assisting you and maintaining your privacy. Information will only be used by association representatives, conducting association business on your behalf.  For questions or comments contact us at  info@mcrna.com.

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