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Membership Benefits

The Association:

When it comes to negotiations, labor discussions and legal representation the registered nurse will be our association's ONLY priority since we are composed solely of registered nurses.

We also have the benefit of being legally represented by a lawyer who specializes in labor/contract law. He will give council to the individual registered nurse for any labor/management problem situation. Our lawyer will also give legal advice to our association as a whole and represent us at various county labor meetings as well as with management at Natividad Medical Center and the Monterey County Health Department.

The Individual Member:

One of the many and perhaps most important benefits of membership is representation by professional labor lawyers in the event a member is involved in any labor related issues between the members and the County of Monterey.

The Law Offices of Bradley G. Booth has been retained by the Monterey County Registered Nurses’ Association (MCRNA) to provide a full range of legal services to the individual members and the Association.  The firm was first contacted by several employees who were concerned with the union’s previous representation.  In response to the request, the necessary paperwork was prepared and filed to establish a new bargaining unit comprised solely of registered nurses employed by Monterey County.  The County recognized the MCRNA and modified the existing unit to create Unit S, which now is the official bargain unit of the registered nurses.

The Law Offices of Bradley G. Booth is prepared to represent all members in any and all employment related matters.  This includes, but is not limited to investigations, disciplinary actions and grievances.  If an employee is contacted by a supervisor or HR to discuss a possible employment action, the first statement should always be that they wish to contact their representative prior to making any declaration.  We will then meet with the employee and represent them throughout any investigative and disciplinary process.

The firm also handles all involvement with County Labor Relations, contract negotiations, grievances and acts as Counsel to the Association. The Law Offices of Bradley G. Booth believes strongly in the concept of “preventive medicine.”  If there are any employment questions or just the need to discuss an issue before it becomes a problem, we strongly urge all members to contact The Law Offices of Bradley G. Booth via e-mail at info@theboothlg.com


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